Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snow In The Great Smoky Mountains On Oct 1, 2011 ?

Well the old saying goes if you dont like the weather in East Tennessee just stick around it will change in 30 minutes ! This is so true : I went on a hike to Mt. LeConte on 10-01-11 via Rainbow Falls trail . The day started out cloudy and around 48 degrees when i started on the way up i saw 3 bears ( Mother and her 2 cubs ) which was really strange most mothers are very protective of their cubs and will stand up to show their size to scare anything away from their babies but she just looked up and went back to looking for food.

 The rest of the hike was very peaceful a lot of very nice and talkative people out this day . Some were just going to rainbow falls and others was going all the way to Mt. LeConte. As i got closer and closer to the turn at Bull Run/ Rainbow Falls the temperature started to really drop by the time i got to the lodge it was 26 the high for the entire day was 28 that day . Here are some pictures for all to enjoy ( I as always I hope you do )

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