Saturday, October 15, 2011

BackCountry Campsites in Cades Cove

Backcountry Campsites in Cades Cove         Elevation in feet.--
              Cooper Road                                                 1200
              Cane Creek                                                    1320
              Hesse Creek                                                  1360
              Kelly Gap                                                      1930
              Rich Mountain                                               3400
              Turkeypen Ridge                                           3400
              Ace Gap                                                        1680
              Anthony Creek                                               3200
              Ledbetter Ridge                                             3000
              Beard Cane                                                    1530
              Forge Creek                                                   2600
              Sheep Pen Gap                                              4640
              Flint Gap                                                       2050
              Rabbit Creek                                                 1550
              Scott Gap                                                       1700
              Little Bottoms                                                1240

All backcountry campers need a free backcountry permit. They are available at most ranger stations and visitor centers. Anyone staying overnight in the backcountry must camp in a designated site or shelter. Campers need reservations to stay in a shelter.

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