Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baskin Falls In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The trail leading to Baskins Creek Falls begins with a short easy climb. At roughly one quarter of a mile into the hike, the trail levels off and you'll have some decent views of the mountains towards the west, as well as a few glimpses of Gatlinburg, if you're hiking in the winter or early spring. These views, however, will more than likely be obstructed by summer foliage.
At 0.9 miles you'll cross Falls Branch without the assistance of a footbridge. If hiking right after a long hard rain, this could present a little bit of a challenge if your goal is to keep your feet dry. The trail then veers off to the left and follows the creek down the mountain. This is a fairly rapid descent, making for a challenging climb on your return trip.
At 1.1 miles a side trail spurs off to the left towards the Baskins Cemetery. Go right to continue onto towards the falls.
Shortly thereafter, the trail crosses over the creek again, but this time, a much easier crossing.
At 1.3 miles, you'll arrive at a trail junction. Going straight for another 1.3 miles will take you to the eastern side of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. To continue onto the falls, turn left at this junction.
The last 50 yards down to Baskins Creek Falls is a little rugged, but well worth the effort. Relative to their popularity, this 25-foot waterfall just might be the most underrated falls in the park.
It's also a great place to kick back and enjoy a picnic

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