Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trails And Backcountry Volunteer Opportunities In The Great Smoky Mountains

Adopted Trail in the Park.
There are 848 miles of trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park! The Adopt-a-Trail program allows volunteers to adopt a trail, hike it throughout the year, report on its condition, and maintain it—digging out waterbars, cutting back vegetation—in accordance with trail guidelines.


Adopted Campsite in Deep Creek.
With 89 backcountry campsites and a significant amount of backcountry users, the campsites at Great Smoky Mountains National Park need to be maintained. The Adopt-a-Campsite program allows individuals and groups to adopt particular sites to inspect, maintain and clean up throughout the year.

Volunteer moves a big rock.
Many of the trails in Great Smoky Mountains are in need of rehabilitation. This program, a partnership between the park and the Friends of the Smokies, gives volunteers the opportunity to get involved in trail construction projects along-side National Park Service trail crew staff.


Volunteers working on during National Park Week.
Special volunteer events are held throughout the park to celebrate things like National Park Week, National Trails Day, and National Public Lands Day!

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