Sunday, September 18, 2011

On The Trails - Defeat Heat Thieves

Radiation:Anytime air temperatures is below 98.6 F, bare skin vents heat. Fix cover exposed skin with gloves . a hat , a neck gaiter and a face shield . Go inside a shelter , which traps body heat .

Evaporation: During a tough hike , cooling sweat could drench your layers and drying them is a waste of energy ( unless your building a fire at campsite ) . Adjust your pace and clothing to avoid excess sweating , and slow down 30 minutes before reaching your shelter or campsite to let body heat dry your base layers .

Convection: Moving air cools skin fast that's why windchills make temperatures feel a lot cooler . Wear wind-proof outer layers , seek shelter and plan a route with minimal wind exposure , like a forest or canyon .

Conduction: Contact with fridge surfaces siphons heat as the temperatures equalize . Insulate your sleeping and sitting surfaces with your pack , sleeping pad or if you don't have a sleeping pad dry leaves .

Eat Your Way Back To Warmth

Switch to a high-fat diet : Calorie dense foods like chocolate , nuts and cheese metabolizes slowly , prolonging digestion's hour - long , body - warming effect .

Drink Green Tea: Catechin-packed tea boost metabolism ,and hot drinks in general causes sensors in your arteries to shuttle more blood to your extremities , making you only feel warmer .

Add Oil and Spices: Olive oil is a caloric H-Bomb , and eatting mild spices ( ginger , nutmeg , and cinnamon ) increases blood flow to the skin . Beware of capsaicin in hot chilies they will make you sweat and cool off fast .

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