Saturday, September 24, 2011

Being Smart when Backpacking over night or long distances

1. Your Pack !

When getting ready for a over night or even a longer backpacking trip a lot of us will over pack our backpacks.If you pack everything you think you need besides your food and water and your pack weighs over 30 lbs. think again . Must try to keep it under this weight your idea weight would be 20 lbs or less.

2.Tents and Sleeping Bags

Tents are nice to have ( especially if it is pouring down rain ) but some tents can be heavy and add way to much weight to your pack that you don't need ! I use the ENO Hammocks ( The DoubleNest one ) and at 1.6 lbs thats a lot lighter than a tent plus no need to carry a sleeping bag pad . Another get thing is that you can order a canopy that goes over it also to keep out the rain . And the weight of this is just 4 oz. which still is lighter than tents plus keeps you off the ground from critters ! I have also noticed a lot of people will spend all sorts of money on tents and then buy a cheaper sleeping bag which will likely be cold and heavy from getting damp.

3.Food and Water

Food is pretty simple pack what you need not what you want. Pack high energy bars , Granola bars and a hikers best food for protein peanut butter sandwiches (LoL).Water is simple get a steri pen or filteration system that way you always have something to drink. * Note you if get tired of water Wal-Mart has those little powders which you can add to water for flavor plus they have them for energy,metabolism and immunity .

4.Your Feet

So many people make the mistake for style , lightiness or the biggest thing i see is the cheapest . I see so many people wearing North Face , Patagonia , Marmot ,Mountain Hardwear , Mammut or Outdoor Research jackets and shirts and then have on a cheap pair of boots or shoes . Spend The money on your feet because that is what is taking you places not that North Face Jacket that cost 150 dollars ! Try them all on at your favorite store buy what feels good on your feet. I wear Merrell Gore-Tex Hikers but again thats what feels good on my feet . I have 3 pairs one of them that has well over 1,000 miles on them and i still wear them !
My Merrell Hiking Boots At Chimney Tops

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