Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trail Warnings and Watches in The Great Smoky Mountains

Of course over the past 3 days we all know the rain we recieved from tropical storm Lee here in East Tennessee. Unofficially over 6 inches which means that a lot of streams will be over flowing and over their banks . Which will make some streams or creek crossings very hard or in some cases impossible . Also beware of some trail wash aways and down trees because of the rain and the wind . Please be aware of very slippery rocks with moss when crossing in different areas that you may have to cross due to over flowing streams or creeks . Also some up hill muddy spots will be slick or could be hard to hike up due to rain wash aways. Be safe and may all that hike be safe and enjoy the view in one of the greatest parks to hike in ! Hike 4 Love Hike 4 Life
Slippery When Wet !

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