Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hike To Mt. LeConte Via Rainbow Falls After 3 Ft. Of Snow From Sandy Pt 5

These are pictures that I took on a hike from Rainbow Falls via Mt. LeConte after Hurricane Sandy had dumped over 3 feet of snow on Mt. LeConte and The Great Smoky Mountains above 5,ooo feet . Such beauty in the snow covered mountains makes everything so pure , so beautiful and so mysterious ! I hope you enjoy all the pictures . Happy Hiking !

Happy Halloween the day after ....... lol

Just November 1st and all this snow !

Solar Panels provide electricity for computer post

Picture perfect postcard

Besides the crew at the time i was up there only 4 people was at the lodge

Winter Wonderland in the Smoky Mountains

“Snow on one side of the canvas, silence on the other. I’d call that a perfect painting.”
― Jarod Kintz

Would like to thank the entire crew of Mt. LeConte Lodge for being so nice and all their hard work that a lot of people don't see to keep them happy and safe ..... Great Job and Thank you all

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