Monday, November 12, 2012

Hike To Meigs Creek And Meigs Mountain

If your wanting a very peaceful , very relaxing hike with not a whole lot of people then this is the hike for you . This is an easy hike with lots of creek crossings , a few waterfalls and wild ferns ( or better known as New York Ferns ). Meigs Creek Trail is 3.5 miles to Meigs Mountain Trail is another 2.4 miles from the junction .

Meigs Creek Trailhead

This is such a peaceful hike and a beautiful one also

Mountain Laurel blooming on the trail

Lots of creek crossings on this hike over 17 all together

This is Atti Falls on Meigs Creek Trail

Such a relaxing hike next to Meigs Creek

Lots of wild ferns growing everywhere on this trail

Morning dew laying on the grass and wilflowers

Almost to the Meigs Mountain Trail junction

The blades of the forest floor holds the tears of the clouds

I love the wildflowers and ferns on this hike

Alien Tree ? ............ LoL

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