Sunday, November 13, 2011

Charlies Bunion A Must Hike In The GSMNP

The first 2 miles is a steady climb, you will come to the Sweat Heifer Creek Trail, take a quick 25-yard walk for a great view. Go back to the A.T. and proceed for about 1 mile to the intersection of "The Boulevard" trail, which leads to Mount Leconte. If you want include the Jumpoff in your hike take this trail for a few yards and to your right will be the "unmarked" trail that leads to the Jumpoff. The views from here are incredible but it is a steep drop-off with a trail that dead-ends so you will have to backtrack to the A.T. to continue onto Charlies Bunion. A little over a mile you will get a glimpse of Charlies Bunion which was formed by a fire,1925, killing much of the trees and plants on this peak over 5500 ft. 4 years later a flood finished off the soil and any hope of reclaiming the mountain back. Great views of Mt. LeConte and Mt. Chapman. Pack a lunch for this is a picnic table that is indescribable!

Hiking up the Appalachian Trail to Charlies Bunion

Atti Hanging Out At IceWater Shelter

View From IceWater Shelter On The Appalachian Trail

View Of Mt.LeConte From The Appalachian Trail

Charlies Bunion In The Great Smoky Mountains

Atti At Charlies Bunion In GSMNP

View From The Top Over Looking Charlies Bunion

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