Monday, August 20, 2012

Be Aware Of Falling Rocks While Hiking

While some rock falls are unavoidable, individuals and groups can exercise a few measures to help prevent a falling rock mishap during a mountain hike or climb.

•Take careful, measured steps on a slope or hill to avoid dislodging rocks. Avoid letting rocks loose on fellow hikers by checking to see if any one is crossing the slope behind you.

•When on a steep slope, hikers and climbers should cross in a line diagonally, then form up and cross back, or go one at a time.

•If you dislodge a rock, warn hikers behind you with a loud yell of ‘‘rock!’’

•When you hear someone call out ‘‘rock,’’ do not look up. Turn to the side, and place your pack between you and the falling rocks.

•Watch and listen for rock falls and slides, especially during and after a thunderstorm or rain downpours.

•Never stand at places where rocks have obviously fallen before.

•Always be aware during strong winds because  falling trees can dislodge rocks also .

•Even snowfall can make rocks dislodge so always be aware while doing winter hikes .

•During winter hikes always be on the lookout for falling Icicles from trees but especially from bluffs and over hangs . ( These can be very dangerous especially falling from a couple 100 feet )

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