Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Merrell Adventure Rest - Guise and Charade

If you’ve flown on a plane recently, you’ve noticed the distinct lack of pillows on board. Sure, they’ll sell you one for $7, but who wants to pay for a terrible pillow you’ll never use again. As a result, many people bring along their own more comfortable neck pillows. The downside to this is that they’re bulky, and take up extra space in your luggage.

Merrell saw this as problem and figured out a solution. They created the Guise (Men’s) and the Charade (Women’s) jackets. Normally, these are Primaloft Eco insulated jackets that keep you nice and toasty on chilly days (or plane rides), but will convert into a neck pillow when needed. Thus, you can bring a jacket and a neck pillow in along for the ride.

As a jacket, the Guise is a water resistant insulating layer. Being water resistant, the Guise isn’t for summer downpours, but it will take a quick shower without a problem. The Primaloft Eco material is made from 50% recycled fibers and does the job quite well. Merrell thoughtfully included pit zips if you get too hot. Additionally, there are two hand pockets and one check pocket on the front.

Transforming the jacket into a pillow can be a bit awkward on a plane. You have to unzip a zipper on the inside of the jacket and essentially turn the jacket inside out. However, this does get the job done. The pillow itself isn’t as comfortable as a standalone neck pillow, but it’s quite a bit more comfortable than the $7 pillows they sell on board.
And if you don't fly this will make you a nice backpacking pillow !

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