Thursday, October 25, 2012

Steri Pen Water Purification

The SteriPEN Journey LCD is the easiest and most versatile water purifier on the market. SteriPEN uses ultra-violet light to destroy bacteria, viruses and protozoa, like Giardia, in seconds. Press the Journey’s single button once for a full liter or twice for half a liter. The LCD screen shows you the countdown. When purification is complete, a happy face appears. On the bottom, the battery status is shown. Wipe dry and enjoy safe drinking water anywhere. Avoiding travels diarrhea is easy with the Journey LCD. If the stream or lake contains particulates, first pre-filter the water – use a bandana, coffee filter or the new SteriPEN fits-all filter.
The fits-all filter can be used with narrow to wide-mouth bottles. In wide-mouth bottles use only the upper cup. Place the cup on the bottle, pull air vent and immerse in water. Wipe out the cup and remove the filter screen. The fits-all filter can now be used as a bottle adaptor for the SteriPEN Journey or Classic. Insert the Journey and flip the assembly upside down. When water covers the water sensors it triggers the UV light – gently agitate. The Journey’s durable UV lamp can purify 8,000 liters. Purifying in a commercial bottle is a key benefit when traveling in countries with unknown standards.
 In 48 seconds you can drink with confidence. To store the Journey, wipe dry and enjoy a long safe drink. The SteriPEN Journey LCD provides safe drinking water anywhere, anytime. And as one blogger said, “When’s that last time that your purifier smiled back at you?”

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